Catholic Parish Mission Retreats

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long have you been giving parish missions?

    We began giving parish missions full time in July of 1992. Since then, we have given in excess of 250 parish missions around the United States. In addition to giving parish missions, Deacon Harmon was Director of the Office of Evangelization for the Diocese of Lake Charles for nearly nine years.

  2. How can Glenn Harmon Ministries benefit my Catholic Church?

    Our parish missions help people better connect God and the Catholic faith to their everyday lives. Through grace filled evangelization efforts, the mission will offer those in attendance an experience of conversion, renewal of the heart and holiness of life which leads to a more active living of Catholic life. We believe that all those who experience one of our missions will never be the same again.

  3. What is the format and content of your parish missions?

  4. After 15 years we have found that a 4 night mission offers the best opportunity for spiritual growth. Each evening session is different and it lasts for approximately ninety minutes. Some of the topics covered are Catholic identity, faith, love, forgiveness, scripture, community and prayer. It is done through preaching, teaching, music and prayer.

    Our missions are Catholic based but certainly open to people of all faith traditions. Typically we arrive on Saturday so Deacon Harmon will be prepared to assist at all the weekend Masses and give the homily and mission invitation .

  5. What do you charge to give a parish mission?

    We decided 15 years ago that we would never charge a stipend or a fee to give a mission. I cannot imagine Jesus charging for what He said or did. We simply take a love offering from those in attendance on the final night of our mission to support our ministry. We are a ministry of faith trusting in the Lord through His people to meet our needs.

  6. Are there any additional expenses to the parish?

    Since our ministry operates financially on donations and love offerings, we ask that the parish pay for our transportation expenses, rental car if necessary, as well as lodging and meals. We are happy to stay at the rectory or someone’s home during our stay.

    Glenn Harmon Ministries is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization with complete approval from the Internal Revenue Service. Although not necessary or expected, should a parish choose to make a financial contribution to our ministry in addition to the love offering, please know that the parish gift will go to further the work of our Lord Jesus and the Catholic faith.

  7. Who gives your parish missions?

    Deacon Glenn Harmon and his wife Linda give the parish missions.

  8. What is expected of the parish to promote the mission?

    We ask that the parish begin to promote the mission approximately six weeks before it starts. We will provide you with all the necessary promotional materials to have a successful promotional campaign.

Treat your church to a parish mission!

If you would like to schedule a parish mission in your church, send me an email! or call me at (337)515-9224.

You can also write us at:
Glenn Harmon Ministries
P.O. Box 2886
Ramona, California 92065

Linda and I would enjoy coming to your church to share our love of the Lord and our Catholic faith with your community.