The Catholic Saints

Quite often our devotion to Catholic Saints our intersession of saints comes under much ridicule. Many who are not of our faith wonder way we bother to pray to the Saints since Jesus is our heavenly intercessor. Why go through saints when we can pray directly to the Lord himself.

Now to honor the saints in no way offends against the worship of the Lord. It is not a form of idolatry. Instead of taking praise away from our Lord Jesus we are in fact magnifying that praise. In other words we are glorifying the Lord in the perfection of his holy ones.


Don't you think that the Lord is pleased in the perseverance and holiness of life achieved by those who have been so faithful to him?

Isn't it his will that all of us be saved?

Do you think that God is jealous of our recognition of how his grace has been perfected in the lives of those holy individuals?

Do you think that the Lord is insecure and suffers from some kind of paranoia about the fact that we give honor to his holy ones, the Catholic Saints?

Don't you think that God is big enough to understand our recognition of his glory that has been realized in his saints?

It is not an offense against the first commandment but a reinforcement of that ancient command to give glory to God.

Now about our praying to the saints we must try to understand the correct concept of what our words represent. When we Catholics say we pray to the saints what we really intend to say is that we are really praying to the Lord but through the intersession of those saints. In other words we are still praying to our Lord Jesus but we are asking the saints to join us in our prayers of intersession as our heavenly friends. It is not our way of bypassing the Lord but it is recognition of our humility. It is a recognition that we know there are others more worthy than ourselves.