Catholic Prayer

Catholic prayer should be a very strong part of your faith and to have a strong spiritual foundation with our Lord developing our prayer life is extremely important. There are many different exciting ways to pray. But one of the ways that always works for me, one of the most helpful forms of meditation is called "praying with the scriptures" and this is easier than it sounds and it offers to us perhaps greater possibilities of a conversation with the Lord.

All you need to do is find a quite place, a place where you can be comfortable, a place without distraction. Take your scriptures, your Catholic Bible read a passage slowly a couple of times. Be quite and ask yourself just what is this passage telling you? Ask the Lord to be present within yourself, your own heart.

Think about this passage over and over in your mind and heart. If it is a gospel passage, some story in the life of our Lord Jesus you might use your imagination and place yourself in that story and see how God speaks to you. Notice it will always be something real about some struggle or truth you need to look at in your life at that moment.

The main work of this kind of prayer is to try to be quiet and be not afraid to listen. Do not be afraid of using your imagination in this form of prayer. Our imagination is a gift that needs to be developed and don't give up to quickly. Be faithful for this attempt for at least a month.

Often we become too impatient for success in prayer. God doesn't act that way. Since prayer is a dialog with God remember that he is also responsible for part of what happens during the time of prayer.

Glenn Harmon 2002