Catholic Parish Mission Retreats
Glenn and Linda Harmon

Deacon Glenn and Linda Harmon have been in full time ministry since July of 1992. They have traveled the country giving over 250 Catholic parish missions, as well as retreats, conferences, seminars and workshops. By faith, they are following a special and unique call of God to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Their message of unconditional love, hope, healing, forgiveness and faith is for all people in all places. For the past 15 years they have trusted completely in the Lord to sustain their ministry and meet their personal needs through donations and love offerings.

Before entering full time ministry, Deacon Glenn was Vice President of a major corporation. He spent nearly nine years as Director of the Office of Evangelization for the Diocese of Lake Charles, Louisiana. He is the former Chairman of the Louisiana State Evangelization Council and former host of the Catholic television program “Exploring the Issues”. He completed his studies in Pastoral Ministries from Loyola University and was ordained a Deacon on December 1, 2001.

Linda Harmon is a woman who believes that it is in living by faith that we truly gain the promises of Christ. Her life is a testimony of hope and what faith and the Sacraments can be for people in need of the healing touch of the Lord. Linda combines practical experience with deep faith and compassion. She believes every life experience can be used to give glory to God.

Deacon Glenn’s style is not “preachy”. He shares appropriately his own journey of faith in such a way that he is able to touch the hearts of many. There is a simplicity and genuineness in his witness that makes it appealing, encouraging and challenging. Glenn and Linda have been married since 1970 being blessed with two daughters and four grandchildren.