The Catholic Church

Our Catholic Church; our institutional Catholic Church, has always been in the forefront of helping those in need around the world. We know about Catholic Charities, we know about the Catholic Relief service but what about our own personal stewardship, helping our church, helping those who are truly in need.

The fact is God is creator and provider, he made all that there is he has supreme ownership of all that is. He gives blessings according to his will. The human being is the believer who must worship, the stewardship, the tithe, the reasonable portion, the first fruits given in worship is a sign of our gratitude to God. It has always been considered the offering along with ourselves, which is the command of the Lord.

In Deuteronomy Ch 8:18 it says "Remember then it is with the Lord your God who gives you the power to acquire wealth". Therefore our talents, health, capabilities even our intelligence are Gods investments in us. He has the right to expect the good fruits, the first fruits of what he has made of us and done for us. In other words stewardship, tithing, time, talent and treasure is the test of our Christian stewardship.

Because we are the stewards of Gods good gifts we shall have to render an account of our gifts from him. Tithing and stewardship enables us to know that we are in partnership with God in doing the works of the Kingdom.

Glenn Harmon 1994