The Catholic Bible

One of the exciting things that I see happening in our Catholic Church today is a renewed interest a renewed appreciation in Gods word. People are hungry for the word of God and they are no longer afraid to share with others their knowledge or in some cases their lack of knowledge of Gods word and their desire, their hunger for Gods word in the Catholic Bible.

When I approach Gods word, I approach it in three ways, I pray the bible; I don't read it, I pray it. When I approach "Gods word," Gods Holy Word, I see it as a prayer. I don't read the Catholic bible as if am reading a novel. When I look at those words I pray those words and then I study the bible.

There is a difference in reading and praying Gods word and studying Gods word. Really taking Gods word into your mind and in your heart and ask yourself what does this mean to me? What is God saying to me? What does God want me to do through his holy word?

Then the third step is to live it. If we simply hear it, if we simply pray it, if we simply study it but we never live it we are falling short of what God wants us to do. Someone told me once that the letters to the bible stand for B-basic I-instruction B-before L-we leave E-earth. If Gods word is our basic instruction while we are on this earth it is our spiritual owners manual then we should approach it with joy, hope, peace, and a hunger more than anything else to know what God is saying to us at this moment in our lives through his holy word.

So encourage you to pick up your Catholic Bible and approach it in prayer the 46 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament. See this Catholic Bible that you have had for years as a treasure, approach it with great expectant faith knowing that God is going to do some wonderful things in your life.